Submit Your Own Skin Tone and Help Heist Studios Redefine the Term "Nude"

It’s taken a while, but the cosmetics and fashion industry are slowly catching up to the fact there are more than just a handful of skin tones. With foundations now becoming available in over forty shades, and huge brands like Christian Louboutin striving to redevelop their color palette to be inclusive of multiple skin tones, there are definitely strides being made but there’s one part of the industry that’s sadly still falling behind – hosiery.

Let’s face it, “nude” tights usually come in a couple of shades that really don’t seem to match anyone’s skin tone properly. Hopefully, we won’t have to battle against terribly-matched tights for much longer though, as London-based bodywear brand Heist Studios is launching a new campaign entitled “The Nude Project.” The project encourages women worldwide to submit their own “nude” skin tone via the website, which Heist Studios will use to develop a new range of all-inclusive tights for 2018 spring that cater for a diverse range of women and skin colors.

What’s even better is that Heist Studios is planning to make the nude color palette that they compile through this project available to the wider industry, in the hopes that other brands will follow suit and diversify their product offering to be more inclusive and reflective of skin tones worldwide. Head over to The Nude Project’s website to share your own #mynude skin tone.

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