A Toddler Reviewed Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Line and It’s the Most Adorable Thing Ever

Youtube is full of vloggers reviewing the latest products and hyped lines, particularly in the beauty industry. One quick search brings up literally hundreds and thousands of tutorials on the likes of KKW Beauty and Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics lines, one beauty review, however, stands out amongst the rest, and that’s two-year-old Samia reviewing the Fenty Beauty range.

That’s right, Samia (who has over 114k Instagram followers, FYI) takes apart Rihanna‘s highly-coveted makeup range and tests it out, toddler-style. Trying out the Match Stix, Samia asks the question on most kids lips – “Can we eat it?” and upon covering her face almost entirely in the ultra-bright “Trophy Wife” highlighter, she exclaims, “I’m glowed up!” The adorable little girl also tries her own unique method of blending using a sheet of kitchen paper and comes out with a whole host of innocently childish and frankly hilarious quips on this increasingly popular range of beauty products – watch the full video above and prepare for a cuteness overload.


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