Nike Releases an Adaptive Technology-Infused Sports Bra

Nike has just released its Motion Adapt Bra which has been proven to provide the ultimate support for athletes and runners.

The interior of the bra includes a brand-new adaptive material made of a foam and polymer hybrid. This special fabric only stretches when the athlete is resting and locks out when it senses movement.

Nicole Rendone, Design Director of Nike Bras and Innovation shared in a statement, “This unique, soft material molds to your shape and is very flexible, moving with you while you do the low-impact activity.” With more movement, the bra becomes more supportive, it shifts back to relax when you slow down. The new hybrid material is across the entire chest. For breathability, there is a mesh panel up the racerback and perforation holes appear in the front in key sweat zones.

Purchase the Motion Adapt Bra now at where it prices out at $65 USD. Check out the campaign imagery in the gallery above.


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