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When it comes to being a Model most think that being a pretty face is all that is required. When in all actuality it is the uniqueness of a model that stands out.  Fashion Trends come and go and even the look/physical features of model that captivates the audience may fluctuate. But there are a few things that remain the same. The Ability to  know how to Model.  A Model is a noun, and verb, it is who you are and what you do. That to us seems pretty powerful and important. EX: Do You Model for a living? Are you a Model?

A “Model” that cannot Model falls flat on the runway and on the images. Runway 1on1

Learning your craft is so beneficial when excelling in any field.  A Model needs to know their craft and that requires knowing themselves. Knowing how their body moves, being able to have a rolodex of poses already in their minds that can be used at any given notice in front of a camera.  Posing in front of the camera is a major plus not only for photography but also for runway.

We went straight to the source to get you some inside tips on what several different photographers look for when it comes to posing.

We asked 4 photographers that we have personally worked with a very important 2 part question here’s what they had to say.

Runway 1on1 : What advice would you give a model about posing? How important is it to know how to pose?

DS Photography @dsphotographync : “Posing is’s like dancing..yeah you can do the cupid shuffle but how can you put your own style to it?

Study posing...Practice posing...understand what poses aren’t flattering to you and your body...but allow it  to express your personality”.

Sheree P Photography @shereep_photography: “ I don’t know what advice I would give a model about posing, I just know when I look in the camera if it’s not right I would instruct them on what would look right. 

It is VERY important to know your poses. Knowing poses can make the shoot eady and time saving for everyone involved”.

Wright Design Photography @wrightdesign75: I think it’s great to know at least some basic poses and have poses that you know work with your body type and the style of dress/shoot. A more important piece is the actual pose flow.  The ability to move thru the poses with no effort makes the shoot much easier.  A mix of also being able to try new ideas and be open also

helps.  Overall a model having a basic understanding of angles/lighting and working with the photographer always will yield good results.

Jay Young Photography & Media Management @jaymudah : Proper posing techniques obviously represent your level of modeling acumen.  Additionally, it could shorten a set which means you could make the same rate for less effort. Posing is very import but the soft skills matter a lot also.  Such as being on time, packing your essentials bag (not assuming the stylist and MUA will be on time), don’t be impaired (drunk or High)

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Written by Kenya Redd

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