Who Needs Comp Comp Cards?

Written By The Celebrity Runway Coach 

Who Needs A Comp Card?  If you are a model or aspiring model, YOU DO! 

A Composite Card also know as a Comp Card is a models business card. These cards are part of your marketing and branding arsenal as you search for and potentially land that next gig. It is still needed and used in the industry today. 

What is a Comp Card? 

A Comp card is a two sided card with a industry standard layout that consist of a models best image on the front; the one that is a complete and utter Wow! Then four additional smaller photos on the back; lifestyle and fashion shots   along with your detailed information on the bottom. Name, stats and contact information (see example) It is printed on 5.5 x 8.5 12 pt glossy card stock. 

Now with the technology driven age, it is useful to have a online digital Comp Card as well.  You can easily submit to agencies or cast in other cities with the push of a button.  You can also easily swap out and update images to keep your card fresh and new. 

Is A Comp Card Important?

YES, YES, YES!  It is a vital tool for anyone who is serious about breaking into the modeling industry whether you are plus sized, commercial print, runway etc. You need a Comp Card.   It shows your versatility and that you are vested in your brand. 

Take Away!

If you want to be taken serious as a model than you will definitely want to invest in your career.  Work with photographers to obtain the proper images and GET YOUR COMP CARD COMPLETED!!

Sample Cards Provided by DS Photography. For Photography Rates and Comp Card Design and rates email dasphotographync@gmail.com

About The Celebrity Runway Coach.

Kenya Redd is Owner/Operator of Runway 1on1 A Fashion Company With An Expertise in Fashion Production, Model Coaching And Consulting. She has over 25 Years In The Industry. 

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