Uber Heads for the Skies With the Debut of Its Air-Taxi

Today marks the first official day of the highly anticipated trade show, CES, and Uber vies to be the one to watch with the introduction of its’s air taxi by Bell Helicopter.

The LA-based ride-share seeks to advance its endeavors in personalizing transportation through its latest venture. The showcase included a look at the cabin of its first flying vehicle, which will feature a vertical takeoff and landing system –similar to a copter– but will travel in air by traditional wings. Driven by a hybrid drivetrain, the aircraft seeks to reach distance capabilities of 150 miles.

Even with the news of the impending offering, Bell and the Khosrowshahi helmed firm has vowed to remain tight-lipped about further technical details. However, the team has affirmed a rollout in the 2020s, but they’ll look to face-off with competition from Airbus.

View the concept video above. In other tech news, view LG 65-inch television display that rolls up.


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