After a year in business, the Nikunotoriko restaurant designed by Tokyo-based architect Ryoji Iedokoro seems to be an example of those that have succeeded there.The restaurant’s name is translated as ‘under the spell of meat’, and the style of food offered is ‘premium yakiniku’ or premium grilled meat cuisine.

Iedokoro referenced the primal hunter humans who gathered inside a cave or outside in a forest to sit around a fire to cook and share their catch.

His attempt was to create an environment that evokes caves, forests and creeks where the patrons gather together to forget the urban bustle of the city and share a meaty dinner.

The two-level restaurant is located in a new building in the heart of the Roppongi area.

Each floor is about 65 square meters (700 sq.ft) in size and each seats about 20 guests.


In Nikunotoriko Noppongi Ryoji Iedokoro has succeeded in creating a full-body experience with the food providing the taste and smell, and the environment giving the tactile and visual experiences. Tuija Seipell.


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