Elon Musk To Launch Drive-In Restaurant in L.A.


While light-hearted and exciting, there is a strategy behind the foray. The all-new Supercharger stations will see a captive customer base anywhere from 15 minutes to a full hour. That said, Tesla owners will have to be entertained in order to sustain customer satisfaction — an important success metric for company growth. Logically, food is a great way to keep people satisfied. Up until now, Tesla has been trying to build Supercharger stations around existing cafes and even teasing special areas for food trucks. But with larger charging stations and the space for expanding amenities, the automaker can leverage the opportunity to launch its own restaurant concept rolling it out to all future expansion.

The announcement follows hype of Tesla Model X Saves Semi-Truck in the Snow. As the inventor continues to drive innovation and culture, it’ll be interesting to see not just how this drive-in idea evolves, but how quickly it’ll launch since with Musk it’s never really a matter of “if” but “when.”



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