Check Out This Optical Illusion Using an iPhone X and Face Tracking

Designer Peder Norrby who creates visuals with code has recently uploaded a video of an optical illusion he developed using an iPhone X and AR Kit Face Tracking technology. Norrby explains the function behind the illusion saying “AR kit’s face tracking performs head tracking in 3D, to find out the position of the eye, and render a view from there. so, basically here you can see the eye tracking that AR kit does. then I position a camera at that eye — the other eye should be closed, for best viewing — and I use an off-axis projection to get a correct render of that view, so it looks actually like objects are coming out of the screen, or going into the screen.”

Peder says he used the game engine “Unity 3D” to create his app “theparallaxview” which he plans on releasing for free in the App Store, meaning users will be able to make their own responsive illusions soon.


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