Uber Eats Announces a Drone Delivery Service

Following talks of partnerships to get UberAir off the groundUber recently announced at an Elevate event that food deliveries via drones are imminent. During the company’s third Elevate conference, it discussed the future of their flying car service, noting that its initiative will go hand in hand with its drone deliveries.

With the use of “Skyports” on top of buildings for flying cabs, drones will also use the same infrastructure. This will allow an electric aircraft to travel in the sky for swift deliveries, bypassing traffic below. The likes of Amazon, Google, Walmart and more have been experimenting with delivery drones as a solution for delivering emergency medical supplies. Although Uber Eats via drone is still in the concept stages, it appears the company’s initiative to take to the air is its top priority.

In other tech news, Google’s Wear OS just got a new UI.


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