Tesla’s In-Car Display Sketchpad Is Getting an Update


Tesla announced that all of their in-car displays will be updated to improve its Sketchpad features in the next big update for vehicle software. Initially provided as an Easter Egg two years, the feature has gone on to become a core luxury service that allows users to doodle on the touchscreen.

A fan replied to the announcement tweet requesting that the update include a color picker, saturation control, and an undo option as he presented his well-crafted doodle in an image. “Every Tesla should have good art & music creation software,” Elon Musk once noted. As such, Musk himself responded to the tweet to un-officially announce a music tool would be coming at a later date. Many speculate that the next update will support GIF output. It was also officially announced that games like Cuphead and Fallout Shelter would be making its way to vehicles as well.


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