YouTuber Reveals Apple's New "Cheese Grater" Mac Pro Can't Actually Grate Cheese

In recent years, it seems Apple‘s designers has developed an affinity for common household items, releasing a Mac Pro back in 2013 that resembled a dustbin, and now again releasing yet another Mac Pro but this time looking like a cheese grater. While this profound thought is relatively interesting, most people would leave it at that — but not YouTuber Winston Moy.

Moy, who runs a YouTube channel focused on CNC projects, decided to test whether the Mac Pro’s perforated design can actually grate cheese, but since the machine isn’t available yet, he made his own sample unit instead. Over the course of his seven-minute video, Moy takes us through the painstaking process of getting Apple’s geometric perforations just right, from 3D design to actual machined part. Once completed, he puts it to the test, running a chunk of cheese along the grate. Unfortunately, his conclusion was that “the performance of the Mac Pro as a cheese grater is unsurprisingly disappointing. Despite the prodigiously perforated surface area present on the grille pattern, it really doesn’t do a good job of shaving material from flat surfaces.” Nonetheless, he figured out a second use for the small sample he made: as a soap dish for his bathroom.



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