Spotify Campaign

Spotify Campaign


Get your music featured on multiple Spotify playlists to increase visibility.

IMPORTANT: In order for your music to be submitted , you must have music on Spotify already. 

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  • Spotify Playlist Placement: 1-Playlists: $200

  • Spotify Playlist Placement: 3-Playlists: $350

  • Spotify Playlist Placement: 6-Playlists: $450

  • Spotify Playlist Placement: 20-Playlists: $2000

  • Spotify Playlist Placement: Top 20 for four weeks $5000

  1. You still need distribution; this is not a process for delivering music to Spotify directly, only for drawing Spotify’s attention to a track that has already been delivered to their ecosystem.

  2. You can only submit one unreleased song at a time for playlist consideration; once the song drops, you can then submit another unreleased track to their team.

  3. Submitting an unreleased song for consideration also guarantees that your followers on Spotify will have the track added to their customized Release Radar playlists on Friday, assuming they have not already listened to the song earlier in the week.