'Black Panther' Officially Passes $1 Billion USD in Global Box Office Sales


Marvel Studios’s Black Panther has now reached and surpassed $1 billion USD in box office ticket sales globally. It was only a matter of time until the Ryan Coogler-directed film would reach such a feat as there was so much positive buzz and reviews surrounding the movie.

Domestically, Black Panther has reached $521 million USD — it is the ninth-highest release of all time. It will become the No. 2 superhero release of all time over The Dark Knight’s $535 million USD after it heads to another $30+ million USD weekend. Furthermore, the title is looking to hit $500 million USD and over internationally as it hits the China market.

Black Panther also becomes the 33rd movie to gross $1 billion USD, joining other Marvel blockbusters such as The AvengersAvengers: Age of UltronIron Man 3  and Captain America: Civil War.

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