‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Iron Spider Armor May Reveal a New Feature


Although fans didn’t get to see it in action during Spider-Man: Homecoming, the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War have shown Tom Holland‘s Peter Parker in a new suit. Speculations have been that this Iron Spider design would realize features seen in the Civil War comics, and it appears that may be true. Images have surfaced of Spider-Man’s Iron Spider suit, with four mechanical limbs that extend and detract from his back, similar to the look of a real-life spider.

These limbs are referred to as waldoes that have the ability to see via the cameras on its tip, manipulate objects and grip surfaces like fingertips. The design has also been seen on Spider-Man toys released for the film, and a post by Holland shows one of these action figures in the background. Check out the photos below and leave your thoughts in the comments. In related news, Infinity War poster shows Thanos’ The Black Order.


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