'Rampage' cooks up generic monster mash with Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson seemingly stars in a movie about every four months, which in the last fiscal year has included "Jumanji" (good) and "Baywatch" (not so much). Enter "Rampage," another game-inspired action vehicle, which falls somewhere between his recent hit and last summer's sun-soaked flop.

Mostly, this effects-heavy film from director Brad Peyton (who previously directed Johnson in "San Andreas" and "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island") has the unpretentious feel of a 1950s monster movie, with a rogue science project unleashing a trio of genetically edited beasts bent on destruction. It's not much of a leap, frankly, from nuclear perils of the past -- the overgrown ants in "Them" or "Tarantula."

As usual, it falls to a couple of mismatched scientists to try saving the day, paired with the one government official who isn't a complete moron. Helpfully, one of those scientists happens to have a special-forces background, allowing him to spend much of the movie doing all kinds of The Rock-like things.

That, of course, would be Johnson's Davis Okuye, a primatologist whose prize subject -- a sign-language-fluent albino gorilla named George -- unluckily runs afoul of a pathogen that plummets from the sky, courtesy of an avaricious corporation. It's headed by a cartoonish pair of villainous siblings, providing a veritable buffet of scenery-chewing for Malin Akerman.

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