'The Predator' Will Introduce Female Predators

During a 20th Century Fox panel at San Diego Comic-Con, exclusive clips screened revealed that female Predators will be present in Shane Black‘s upcoming The Predator. According to the live coverage from the panel, we see Olivia Munn‘s doctor character about to be assaulted by a sleek, newly armored female Predator before a larger Predator takes the screen and distracts her.

The larger Predator appears to be the Predator hybrid introduced in the latest trailer. This is the first introduction of a female Predator outside of the comics and novelizations meant to expand the franchise lore. Those books explore the gender dynamics between the hunters, who are seen as equals to their male counterparts and have the ability to best them in combat.

In related news, the trailer for George R. R. Martin’s Nightflyers has arrived.

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