New Disney+ Bundle Will Include Hulu and ESPN+


As expected, Disney has announced that it will be bundling Hulu and ESPN+ into the upcoming Disney+ streaming service for $12.99 USD a month. CEO Bob Iger made the announcement official during an investors call on behalf of the company, noting the pricepoint will be cheaper if not on par with competing services like Netflix and HBO Max, which will be bundling other networks into its streaming service as well for over $16 USD.

Hulu and ESPN+ currently cost $5.99 USD (with ads) and $4.99 USD, respectively, as standalone platforms. A standalone Disney+ account will be $6.99 USD a month, or $69.99 USD a year. According to Iger, Disney+ will begin advertising following Disney’s D23 event this month, and that attendees will be able to sign up for the service early. “It is going to be treated as the most important product the company has ever launched,” said Iger.

Although those streaming services are available through “Amazon, Apple, and other distributors,” Iger told investors “we feel it’s important for us to achieve scale quickly, and we think it’s going to be an important part of that. They’re all interested in distributing the product.”

The new Disney+ bundle will be made available on November 12, the same day the service is expected to launch.