Park Hye-Jin Is the Korean Producer & DJ Expanding Notions of House Music


South Korean house DJ and producer Park Hye-jin has been a proprietary proponent of the booming “K-House” (note: K placed in front of a genre is often used to note the music’s Korean origin) market in recent times, finding herself relishing in a similar emphasis on the genre that saw the likes of Yaeji catapult to the forefront. After leaving her hometown of Seoul to embark on her career and taking her sound further in England, where house remains a stronghold in the musical climate, Park has continuously attempted to carve out her impact, doing away with the framework that others often define for her, leading to gigs at international festivals in Paris, Brussels, Ibiza, Morocco, and more.

You have a song entitled “ARE YOU HAPPY.” So I have to ask, are you happy now?
Belgium, England, France… I’m everywhere nowadays, but I haven’t been in the spirit of traveling all over Europe every week. But I’m incredibly happy.