Yelawolf - Row Your Boat

YelaWolf dropped another single off Trial By Fire, called “Row Your Boat,” under Shady Records. Yela went on Genius to explain some lines of the song:

LINE: “Leavin’ what is keeping you from walkin’ out the door and livin’ life like there’s a reason
Reason is the fear of change will leave a person locked inside a dark and mental prison.”

EXPLANATION: “I was feeling the urge to make big changes in my life .. sometimes song writing is a reflection of your own desires and fears … this was a line not only directed towards people who need to awaken to their own set backs … but for me. To take a leap and make changes for the better beyond the grips of my own fears.”

LINE:  “Sentence you to pull and push and jump, when they say jump you say how high
There is no limit.Limit what they sell and what they’re givin’.”

EXPLANATION: “Feeling like we’re always on the verge of some global war … I wrote this song and this line also during voting season. There were so many bullshit election adds and shameless Americans supporting the ideas of a tyrant and sing along shallow music on the radio .. I was influenced to say make up your own mind. Have a since of humanity .. put a filter on your morals.”

LINE: “Police they shoot and kill – they shoot at will. They will at you – they’ll execute if you don’t leave
Leavin’ the impression no one’s safe inside this dungeon in the city of the beast.”

EXPLANATION: “No one is safe from criminal cops .. even the simple act of observing an arrest , traffic stops or even peaceful protest are provoking murderers to be murderers … we saw more of that in the last 5 years than ever. I don’t think anyone feels safe. I’m aware, your aware .. if not be aware.”

LINE: Streets are not the only place that you can find yourself laying up under white sheets
Sheets in Alabama cockin’ hammers, ridin’ horses, wanna handle who is free. Free yourself from anything they preach..” 

EXPLANATION: “I’m constantly aware of the hate subculture of the south. I like sharing my perspective .. I’m full of irony. Being white and from Alabama makes what I do for a living un imaginable to some locals … but stretching out past those county lines can reap major benefits. I believe in my state and I love Alabama .. but I’m not blind to the ignorance that still lingers in our politics and backwoods .. This line is mainly for all my southern fans .. basically fuck racism.”

Listen to the song below: