Nas Teases New Album With a Summer Release

Nas has been teasing his twelfth studio album for almost a year, even teaming up with DJ Khaled on a track entitled “Nas Album Done” last summer, and yet there’s been no news on a new LP. However, according to a recent profile with the New York Times, Nas is “back in his home city not only to complete the recording of his long-awaited album, but to stay — at least for now.”

Towards the end of the piece, Nas yells “We coming this summer, baby! It’s going to be a hot summer up here, man!” But he also mentions his penchant to make hasty announcements, stating “I always say I’m two weeks away from finishing.” So take this seasonal release with a grain of salt.

Listen to Nas’ “Angel Dust” single for the now canceled Netflix series, The Get Down.

SourceThe New York Times

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