Lovebug Starski, Inventor of the Term "Hip-Hop," Passes Away at 57

Bronx emcee, DJ and rap pioneer Lovebug Starski has passed away at the age 57. According to reports, Starski died last night in Las Vegas from a sudden heart attack. He leaves behind a legacy that will live on forever.

His career ascended in the late ’70s under the tutelage of hip-hop luminaries Kool Herc & Grandmaster Flash and was lauded for his ability to both MC and DJ at the same time. In addition, he was widely credited as the originator of the term “hip-hop” which he first used during a farewell party for a friend who was going into the military. Starski was the DJ at the party and began playfully imitating a drill sergeant calling off marching orders, hence “hip-hop.”

Many artists in the music community have paid tribute to the hip-hop pioneer throughout the day, check out some of them below. Rest in Peace to a real legend, Lovebug Starski.

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