A Closer Look at the Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept

Mitsubishi has revealed a more in-depth breakdown of the e-Evolution concept. Following up last month’s unveiling, the Japanese manufacturer is detailing the e-Evolution’s bold exterior via a brief, shadowy preview of its forward-thinking look.

An entirely electric vehicle, the Mitsubishi e-Evolution comes with all-wheel drive — which is possible thanks to three different electric motors — and a unique artificial intelligence system. While not many specific, technical details regarding the e-Evolution’s AI system are available, we do know that the car is outfitted with an army of sensors for the purposes of guiding the AI. Using artificial intelligence, the e-Evolution can drive differently and in a way that pairs well with the physical environment, street conditions, traffic and your personal preference. Whether it’s “assisting” you or “teaching” its driver, the AI behind the e-Evolution is designed to make your drive better and safer; basically, it’s like you’re driving with your very own computerized driving instructor.

You can take a look at the new Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept above, while the car will be fully showcased during the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.