Unboxing LG’s $8,000 USD Wallpaper TV

The W7 line of televisions from LG is one of the most impressive innovations in modern day technology. Not only do the models have a crystal-clear OLED 4K display, but the flexible units measure in at only 2.5 millimeters thick, hence the nickname “Wallpaper TV.” In order to create such a product, LG placed all of the important input units, such as HDMI and composite, in the speaker unit that connects to the television with a single cord. Such a product won’t come cheap, however, as the 65-inch version of the television will cost you $8,000 USD while the 77-inch version goes for $15,000 USD.

Unbox Therapy gives a closer look at how the unit looks and feels in a home setting. In his latest unboxing video, the YouTuber praises the physical attributes of the television while also highlighting the color vibrancy and the Smart TV capabilities. Take a look at his entire unboxing process for yourself below. -VIA