Lexus Looks to Conquer the Sea With New Yacht Concept

Lexus has unveiled its latest LS Sedan, and while the company is known for luxury vehicles, it’s now getting into the yacht game. According to Toyota, the idea to create a yacht came about when CEO Akio Toyoda was trying out one of the company’s marine division’s yachts (that use a Toyota engine). Toyoda wanted to create a sporty, luxurious yacht much like its Lexus sub-label. This concept is actually a fully-functioning vehicle, and is constructed from carbon fiber by the Marquis-Carver Yacht Group in Wisconsin. It boasts a pair of V8 engines capable of 440 horsepower each.

Of course, a luxury yacht comes equipped with plenty of luxurious amenities. It features seating for eight with fold-out seats by the captain’s chair. The control panel is a pair of touchscreens, one in the wheel and one for instruments and other information. Underneath, the passenger cabin is filled with leather, wood, air conditioning, and comfortable seating complete with a shower. While the LS Sedan won’t be on sale anytime soon, luxury automakers have been delving into the yacht market for awhile now, with Aston Martin and Mercedes both joining in. -VIA


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