Bugatti Designed a Limited Edition Bicycle With PG

Channeling the look of the 1,479 horsepower Chiron, Bugatti has teamed up with Regensburg-based luxury bicycle manufacturer PG to create “the ultimate special bicycle to match the ultimate car.” Simply dubbed the PG Bugatti Bike, the collaborative design weighs less than five kilograms, making it the lightest urban bike in the world. Crafted primarily of carbon fiber, the sleek design sports aero-optimized cross sections while the German-made “carbon components are handcrafted using prepreg materials and methods otherwise found only in motor sport and the aeronautic industries in order to guarantee the lightest weight and highest rigidity possible.” Naturally, the bikes even come in a bevy of colorways to match the high-powered Chiron.

Though pricing is unknown, the latest PG Bugatti Bike — which is limited to 667 units — won’t come cheap: the last PG x Bugatti collab retailed for around $39,000 USD.

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