The "Dare to Dream" Superyacht Concept Boasts a 330-Foot Airship

French designer George Lucian has conjured up a pretty outlandish superyacht concept dubbed “Dare to Dream.” Lucian rendered a 460-foot vessel that can ostensibly carry a 330-foot airship on its sprawling deck and is wholly inspired by the US Navy’s most recently commissioned Zumwalt-class destroyer. Alongside the airship, the modern yacht also features a helipad as well as below deck space that can fit approximately 52 individuals: 12 guests and 40 crew members.

“I am fascinated by the zeppelins that transported passengers across the Atlantic in a luxury at the beginning of the century. Nowadays we have lost the elegance and tranquillity of traveling that the cruise liners and airships were offering years ago,” the designer told The Sun.