In the Future, Domino's Pizzas Will Be Delivered by Robots

Silicon Valley company Zume isn’t the only company getting into robotic pizza delivery. As Mashable reports, Starship Technologies is teaming up with Domino’s Pizza to employ a fleet of pizza-delivering robots in Europe. The robot delivery option will be available to customers within a mile of select locations in German and Dutch locales. “Not only is Domino’s pizza delicious, but the perfect topping is giving back the luxury of time and control to the customer, and our robots are best placed to offer this,” Starship CEO Ahti Heinla tells Mashable. Domino’s Group CEO Don Meij adds: “Robotic delivery units will complement our existing delivery methods, including cars, scooters and e-bikes, ensuring our customers can get the hottest, freshest-made pizza delivered directly to them, wherever they are.”

You can check out a shot of Domino’s Pizza and Starship’s new robotic creation above. Not to be outdone in the unique, creative delivery department, Domino’s rival Pizza Hut will be using sneakers to process orders.