Take a Look Inside Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s Tourist Space Ship

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos‘s private spaceflight company, Blue Origin, has unveiled images of the interior of its New Shepard spacecraft that will carry tourists into space as early as 2018. Tourists onboard the compact space capsule will be equipped with reclining black chairs, an escape motor in the center of the cabin, personal screens to track flight progress and six large windows that offer a great view. “Every seat’s a window seat,” Bezos wrote in an email, “the largest windows ever in space.” The spacecraft is designed to carry tourists to sub-orbital space, where they will be able to experience zero gravity before returning to earth. No information on how much a ticket would cost has been announced, but estimates range from $250,000 USD per ticket to the high six figures.

In other related space travel news, Elon Musk‘s SpaceX is flying two tourists to the moon in 2018.

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