"Pop.Up": Airbus' New Car-Drone Concept Aims To Beat Traffic Congestion

Airbus and Italian design firm, Italdesign, just unveiled a new concept called “Pop.Up” that centers upon an innovative car-drone hybrid. The ambitious project aims to beat traffic congestion and help make commuting easier in densely populated cities. More precisely, Pop.Up is a small “passenger capsule” that boasts three distinct modes of autonomous transportation: quadcopter, car, and train.

A promotional clip shows a woman dialing in the futuristic vehicle via a related mobile app and then, immediately afterward, the artificial intelligence-powered machine arrives at her home to pick her up in its self-driving mode. It then takes her to a sleek garage — fitted with recharging stations for the prototype — where a sizable quadcopter attaches itself to the roof of the car and flies her to the next desired location. The last mode involves a bevy of the prototypes propped inside a bullet train.

See the “Pop.Up” concept in action below and then let us know your thoughts. -VIA