Samsung Managed 550,000 Pre-Orders of Its Flagship Galaxy S8 Smartphone

South Korean appliance/tech company Samsung certainly hit the nail on the head with its latest Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones, hitting a whopping 550,000 pre-orders in just 48 hours. The smartphone, which features the company’s latest tech such as a highly-developed digital assistant Bixby, a new f/1.7 camera lens, near-bezel-free front screen and more, is now in the running to be Samsung’s best selling phone, as the S7 is currently the best-selling mobile handset at 49 million units sold. Further, the 550,000 pre-orders is actually 5.5x more than the pre-orders of its 7-series predecessor.

Analysts are claiming that if production had not stopped due to the highly-flammable batteries, the Samsung Note 7 would have surpassed the S7′s popularity and been the brand’s top-seller. Seemingly therefore, the debacle concerning last year’s Note 7 did not dampen Samsung’s latest and greatest and will continue to sell in record numbers when it hits stores officially on April 21.

Will you be purchasing the S8 or S8+, or will you hold out for Apple’s iPhone 8, slated for Q4 of 2017? Sound off in the comments below.