Kendrick Lamar Might Be Releasing a New Album on Easter Sunday

Kendrick Lamar just released his seamlessly out-of-no-where album DAMN. yesterday and was even featured in Travis Scott’s “Goosebumps” video. But now after a few tweets from Sounwave and Reddit threads, the Internet and fans have been blowing up with theories that Lamar will in fact drop a new album, even as early as this Easter Sunday.

Reddit users believe the narrative that runs throughout DAMN. starts with the opener “Blood.,” which depicts Lamar as being killed before the album “Comes full circle.” This is where the possible resurrections comes in. On Reddit it states, “Jesus died and was resurrected three days later on Easter. Easter is three days from now. Kendrick’s Jesus and will be resurrected in three days with a new album.

On the other hand, Sounwave’s tweet, “But what if I told you… that’s not the official version..” followed by a picture of Morpheus from The Matrix has got fans believing that Lamar could be alluding to “the other colour.” In last month’s “The Heart Part 4,” Lamar rapped “With TOC, you see the flames” and according to the Easter x Matrix theory, “TOC” is an acronym for “the other color.” The character of Morpheus famously offered Neo a red pill or a blue pill in The Matrix. Check out the theories, which have been put together in this video by Genius.