Facebook Delays Original Show Streaming Project

After announcing it would launch a new series of original programming on its platform, Facebook has decided to delay its Original TV Show lineup for a few months. Originally planned to roll out sometime in June, Facebook did give any reason as to why the shows are being delayed or a definitive time when we can expect to see them debut. Facebook planned to have two different types of video shows, with one being more traditional, weekly shows and others that would update every 24 hours.

While there are no specific reasons as to why the shows are being delayed, sources close to the situation are saying the issue is product related from a technical standpoint. When Facebook does eventually come out with its final video project, it will be interesting if the social media platform can become a destination for online video content the same way YouTube and Netflix are. This is one of the many different projects Facebook has taken on over the past while. Read up on Facebook’s new feature that allows you to order food from its website or app here.