Prynt Pocket Turns Your iPhone Into an Instant Camera

Remember Polaroid cameras? With camera phones being so prevalent, the instant camera craze became a thing of the past, but Prynt Pocket is looking to revive that nostalgia. Prynt Pocket is a self-developing film accessory that turns your smartphone into a portable instant camera. The insta-cam uses technology to access and print out personal photos saved on your phone and images from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A coinciding app also allows users to add videos inside their printable photos and share them with friends who have the app. For now, it’s only available for iPhone users, however Prynt is working on Android accessibility.

Two years ago, the same developers produced the Prynt Case. It featured a similar concept built into a gaudier case for your phone. The Prynt Pocket is a lot smaller and attaches to the lightning port beneath your phone. It’s available in graphite, mint, and a cool grey colorway, and will retail for $149 USD. Check out how it works above and pre-order the Prynt Pocket via Prynt’s website before they’re officially released May 30.