Jordan Peele Does the 'Get Out' Challenge, Discusses Humanity as Inspiration for Social Thrillers

The success story of Jordan Peele‘s first film, Get Out has become a headline for pretty much any and all news outlets in existence. A film that costed roughly 4.5 million USD to produce has raked in upwards of 230 million USD in domestic and foreign box offices. In his recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, Peele talks about the inspiration for the film, which is none other than the subtle creepiness of humanity itself. For fans of his sketch series, Key and Peele, it is of no surprise how he can turn real-life narratives into bizarre commentary on our society. Peele also talks about how he is not a fan of himself as an actor, and was blown away by the fresh actors he cast in the film. - VIA

Watch Peele do the viral challenge inspired by his film below,