Louis Vuitton Designs Its Own Monogram Smartwatch

Louis Vuitton is making its way into wearable tech having announced its classic Tambour is getting reworked into a Tambour Horizon smartwatch.

The watch runs on the Android operating system but can sync up with the iPhone too. Three available styles are customizable with 60 interchangeable strap options and will work internationally.

Louis Vuitton chairman Michael Burke explained the logic behind that system:

“Right now, when [the] Chinese travel they have to travel with two watches: one for China and one for the rest of the world. If a Chinese citizen buys the Horizon watch in Paris, when they land in Shanghai and they reboot the watch, it boots automatically on the Chinese operating system.”

An entry-level timepiece starts at approximately $2,800 USD – each additional strap will cost you $300 USD. Stay tuned to read more details, including its release date.