Dwayne Johnson and the 'Ballers' Head to Vegas in the Season 3 Official Trailer

HBO‘s comedic drama Ballers is returning for season three. The pay-per-view network has just released the official trailer for the series, and it appears the guys are in for an adventure. Dwayne Johnson returns as sports agent Spencer Strasmore, and is tasked with bringing a franchise to the city of Las Vegas.

As in previous seasons, Strasmore and Joe Krutel — played by Rob Corddry — will have to balance their clients, work on obtaining new ones, and of course, deal with their own personal issues. A majority of season three was shot in Vegas, opposed to Miami where the last two took place. Ricky Jerret, Vernon Littlefield, Charles Greane, Jason Antolotti, and most of the cast of usual players return to risk it all this year.

Check out the trailer below before Ballers returns to HBO on July 23.