iPhone Charging Ports Could Eventually Become Obsolete

When new iPhones roll out, Apple is often criticized for lacking drastic updates to the physical features. However when those updates finally occur, there is no way to forecast the public reception — just think back to the removal of the earphone jack. These features are not so easy to update each year, as the technology must hold it’s weight for the next 5-10 years. This rang true for the Lightning port which has come a long way since the initial public disdain, and five years later it’s safe to say nobody misses the old 30-pin charging system.

As the Lightning port has already been around for 5 years, tech-insiders believe the iPhone could receive an update to the charging port within the next 3 years. While Apple was on the sidelines for the wireless charging race, Mashable believes the future could be leaning toward magnetic ports. Apple is no stranger to magnetic ports, as they have been a part of the MacBooks for years and can be found on the side of the iPads.

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