Go BTS as Rihanna Gets Ready for Barbados’ 2017 Crop Over Fest

It was only on Monday when Rihanna made jaws drop around the world after debuting her 2017 Crop Over outfit, but it’s already going down as an iconic moment in our eyes. Now, she invites us all to go behind the scenes as she got ready for Barbados’ annual festival.

Rihanna’s Navy eagerly awaits her look each year and then stans out over her ornate ensemble accordingly — and this time was no exception. She shined spectacularly in jewels that embellished her dazzling two-piece and coordinating accessories. A flock of rainbow-bright feathers adorned her crown and spanned from behind her like wings, and bold blue locks matched her manicure.

Join the Bad Gal below, and see the rest of the photos over at Vogue.

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