Apple Wins Samsung Patent Battle, Awarded $539 Million USD


A federal court jury in San Jose, California has ordered Samsung to pay Apple $539 million USD in damages for copying iPhone design features, concluding the latest chapter of a seven-year-long patent infringement battle. It was already established that Samsung infringed three of Apple’s design patents — the iPhone‘s rounded corners, the bezeled black screen, and the grid of icons — and two utility patents regarding the “bounce-back” and “tap-to-zoom” functions. The final verdict appears to be a compromise between Apple’s and Samsung’s position on how much money is owed. It is unclear if there will be another appeal.

Originally, in 2011, Apple sued Samsung for $1 billion USD over patent infringement. In 2012, Samsung was found liable, but disagreed over the amount owed and appealed to higher courts, arguing for $28 million USD. The jury sided closer to Apple, but the then case went to the US Supreme Court in 2016. Previously, Samsung paid Apple $399 million USD, now the Korean tech company has to pay an addition $140 million if the verdict is upheld.

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