Kanye West Is in Chicago to Work on Chance The Rapper's New Album

In June, Chance The Rapper shared that he will be working on a seven-track project with Kanye West. Chance later confirmed in July that he and Kanye will be working on an album in Chicago.

Yesterday (Aug. 30), after Kanye gave a lengthy interview on 107.5 WGCI Chicago, the hip-hop vet posted a short clip of himself in the studio with Chano. Writing, “We had to chop this up for Michael’s birthday” as the caption, an energized Kanye can be seen working on a sample taken from the Jackson 5’s 1971 hit “Never Can Say Goodbye.” In the background, you can see Chance nodding his head to the prospective beat.

Later on, Team Kanye Daily twitter posted a shot of West, Chance, and Zaytoven in the studio together. Talking to 107.5 WGCI Chicago yesterday, West said, “I came home to work with Chance on his new album.”  -VIA

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