U.S. Open Champion Naomi Osaka Opens up About Her Controversial Win

Less than a week after Naomi Osaka‘s recent U.S. Open win, the 20-year-old tennis champion heads to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. During the brief clip, she speaks in detail about the controversial moments which led to her first Grand Slam title. Her opponent, Serena Williams was hit with a $17,000 USD fine following comments which were made during the match to the officiator Carlos Ramos.

Osaka broke down in detail with Ellen that after the match ended she assumed the crowd was negatively reacting to her winning the U.S. Open by booing her. She later shared that she stopped herself from turning around as she heard Serena calling out the officiant to keep her game intact. Naomi even spoke about what Serena whispered to her after her monumental win.

Ellen went on to ask Osaka who her celebrity crush was, Osaka responded: Michael B. Jordan. After this moment, the Ellen says she’s going to match the two together and that she’s going to text him and send him a selfie.

Check out the full clip above.



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