Alicia Keys, Miguel & 21 Savage Unite for Auto-Tune-Propelled Remix of "Show Me Love"

Back in September, Alicia Keys linked up with Miguel for a “visual striking experience” known as “Show Me Love,” aiming to give viewers and listeners an exploration and showcase of love’s many forms and narratives. Now, continuing to support the aforementioned record, the veteran songstress is introducing the official remix of “Show Me Love.” This time around, Keys and Miguel are joined by 21 Savage, giving injecting some Auto-Tune-drenched street-rap flows into the song’s style and sonic direction.

“I just been ready to go to the next level in myself for a bit of a long time. And I don’t think I’ve ever given myself permission to actually do it,” Keys recently shared with us, opening up about her new artistic outlook. “None of us are just one way. We’re at work and we’re that way at work, or we’re with our family and we’re that way with our family, or we’re with our friends and we’re that way with our friends, and then we’re this way with ourselves. And so I’ve been focused on being more clear [about] who I am in all sides of it.”

“I feel like it’s scary as sh*t to be who you really are,” Keys continued. “It just is. And it’s easier to kind of default to that one that works like, ‘If everybody knows me like this, Imma just do that.’ And then we’re growing and we’re trying to figure out, ‘Wait, why don’t I feel right in that space anymore?’ And I think it’s because we don’t give ourselves permission to be all the things we are.”

You can check out Alicia Keys, Miguel and 21 Savage’s new, collaborative remix of “Show Me Love” above.