Here's a Closer Look at 'Stranger Things 3's Incredible Starcourt Mall

If, like 18.2 million other accounts, you’ve already finished bingeing the latest season of Stranger Things, you may be experiencing post-season blues right now, but fret not: you can now relive some of the season’s best moments in Starcourt Mall.

The fantastical set of season 3 looks very realistic, and that’s because it is — Netflix built Starcourt Mall inside an actual mall in Georgia. The Gwinnett Place Mall that Netflix chose to shoot in was built just a year before the time Stranger Things 3 was set, and made the perfect location for the latest storyline. Unlike a usual set where structures are only partially built, Netflix went all the way with this season and constructed around 40 stores, all made to be highly period-accurate for the ’80s, including stores like Burger King, Hot Dog on a Stick, The Gap, and even fictional ones like Scoops Ahoy.

Since the latest season has already been released, the set is being currently dismantled after Netflix deciding against keeping it as a permanent tourist destination. However, a few daring fans of the series managed to sneak into the set before everything was removed, and snapped a whole range of photos (linked below) showcasing just how much attention to detail the streaming service paid when building the set. Another fan also managed to gain access to the set, recording a video taking viewers through a virtual tour of Starcourt Mall. Check it out above.