Exploring the Depth, Breadth, Dance and Sound of South African Music

The essence of African music, which has an incredibly rich history, lies in its clash of rhythms, styles, and sheer melodic beauty. It’s no small wonder why acclaimed South African producer Culoe de Song and musical duo Black Motion want to bring a more modern form to the traditional, musical ensemble.

“Africa has always been a big player in centralizing rhythm in all kinds of music … The world has now come back to participate in South Africa and the scene is more recognized globally,” Culoe de Song said. Black Motion adds: “Afro house is all about using the native rhythms of Africa. It’s just tribal. The way it is in the jungle.” All in all, both draw parallels between electronic music and the traditional dance rhythms of South Africa.

Culoe de Song and Black Motion are just two musical entities amongst a talented handful who are featured in a new platform called True Music by Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky and Boiler Room. The fledgling collaborative effort “champions artists with a pioneering spirit and challenges them to continue pushing boundaries. It supports and celebrates those just starting out to established global stars, to make the music they truly believe in,” the duo professed in a statement.