Can love at first sight really exist? Artist/producer Brian Cook delivers a thought-provoking story with his brand new single, “Friends Don’t Like You.”

On his first new song of the year, the R&B crooner shares a relationship tale with a perplexing situation that required him to deeply contemplate his feelings.

After meeting a woman whom he starts to believe just might be the “one,” an unexpected meeting with friends begins to sway his thoughts.

“Whoever said that love at first sight isn’t real, they probably out here walking with their eyes closed / Or got 20/200 vision with a blindfold,” he sings. “It ain’t no need to try and reinvent the wheel / I’m feelin’ her and I’ma let her know / She feelin’ me too, now we ’bout to put on a show.”

The truth can come out easy when you’re open to it, which is probably why he says the record was created so organically. In fact, Cook was able to produce, write and record the track all in one sitting. But, the truth can also be the hardest to deal with when it’s not what you want to believe is right.


Sharing the backstory behind the record, Brian confides: “In essence… I met her, kicked it with her frequently and saw just about everything I was looking for in her. I mean we really hit it off, ya know? An opportunity for my people to meet her presented itself in the form of a casual gathering, so I was excited. Handshakes, hugs, and small talk happened and I got on the phone the next day only to hear ‘I’m not too sure about this one, fam.’ Sure… hearing that doesn’t STOP anything, but it can change everything. Friends and family have a bad feeling while I’m over here head-over-heels? Maybe there’s room for some re-evaluation, at least. Hence, ‘Friends Don’t Like You.'”

“Friends Don’t Like You” is available on iTunes an all digital music platforms now. Take a listen below. -VIA