Buzzing Def Jam artist DaniLeigh brings us into “Lil Bebe” Bodega in the dance-filled music video for her turn-up anthem.

The singer/dancer has been heating up with the undeniable dance floor banger, and the sleek visual is a welcomed accompaniment. Walking into the back of her store, which is filled with boxes of fruit, we quickly see the business actually has a sneaker shop in it, where she flexes some moves with a troop of young dancers. As the lights dim we see a barbershop set up with Trey Songz sitting in the chair. After they pose for a selfie, DaniLeigh dances through the different areas of her shop and ends up outside for more choreographed moves with her backup dancers.

“My lil bebe / Change your price tag / There’s a upgrade on a watch ya / Yeah I’m all work / If you want that / Is you rolling? / Be precise ya,” she sings.