Sunset Rollercoaster Drops a Bizzare & Artistic Visual for Its 'Vanilla Villa' EP

Months after the release of its popular Vanilla Villa EP, Taiwanese indie rock outfit Sunset Rollercoaster has now returned with a music video for the three-track project.

Tapping Taiwanese artists Xu Jie, Huang Zhijie, Song Baiwei, Xu Guanghan and Zhang Guangchen, the group come together to express a bizarrely artistic plot that centers scored by the songs “Welcome to,” “Vanilla” and “Villa.” Heading to Vanilla Villa for a holiday, the protagonists are plagued by the feeling that they are being watched encountering the mysterious figure the four become possessed. Although the story isn’t explained at the end, Sunset Rollercoaster has teased the visual as Episode 1 of a series.

Watch Sunset Rollercoaster’s music video for its Vanilla Villa EP above.