Tahj Keeton's 'Stevie Sees Stars' Is An Expansive Collection of Brawling Hip-Hop Sounds


Atlanta-based rapper Tahj Keeton is one of those artists that has propelled his craft via shaping out a sound that remains experiential in its portrayals.  Offering up a total package that sees off-kilter instrumentals eclectically melding alongside his unique vocal delivery, every track Keeton crafts somehow relishes in a sense of uniqueness. After releasing a variety of heavy-handed projects over the past year, Keeton has brought forth his most-expansive offering yet, releasing a collection of 16 well-tuned cuts entitled Stevie Sees Stars.

At just 19-years-old, Keeton’s style manages to infuse a variety of genres within his hip-hop lens. His latest project is undoubtedly his most unique and promising yet — every cut offers up a jarringly original atmosphere, whereby Keeton’s flow effortlessly rides across the experimentally-tuned beats. Throughout the project, there’s an underlying sense of lo-fi that has been injected; in a way, it feels unrefined and raw, yet at the same time feels sculpted in a manner that feels remarkably finished. On tracks like “Gunder,” “Nitro enters the chat” and “Oodles,” Keeton hones in on his hard-hitting Atlanta sensibilities — fat 808 basses see immaculate play alongside various samples and melodies. Other tracks like lead track “Stevie” and project highlight “Fire & Distortion” opt for a more melodic-focused approach, with Keeton’s vocals and wordplay melding perfectly alongside the otherworldly beats.

In a statement to HYPEBEAST, Keeton states that “I worked my a** off and I really tried my best to make an experience instead of just a listen. I tried to be as versatile as possible while maintaining a solid sound. This was the album to tell people to take me seriously…I feel like this album is the start of my revolution.” Overall, Tahj Keeton’s Stevie Sees Stars is a promising entrée — he’s authentic in his portrayals, while at the same time maintaining his uniqueness outside of the music industry’s often regurgitated hive mind.

Stream Stevie Sees Stars below.

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