Jelly Jellz: Thary Collection

Thary Collection is a jewelry company founded in 2015 by Cambodian designer Jearlly Sok, in remembrance of her sister, Bunthary "Thary" L. Sok. The company headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Thary Collection designs, customizes, and hand-manufactures contemporary jewelry pieces made from various precious and semi-precious gemstones, which each have their own individual properties and spiritual meanings.

Thary Collection products are inspired by the life story of Bunthary, a passionate, caring, and loving soul that had long suffered deprivation, and yet fought to survive, and to do what she could to keep her children safe and happy. Our exquisite and uniquely crafted bracelets are made to help motivate individuals, and to be a constant reminder that you are beautiful, and to have a strong, positive self-image. Only then, no matter how hard life may get, will you have the best possible preparation for success.

The products of Thary Collection promote self confidence and finding your true beauty within.

Behind these inspirational bracelets though, there is a greater cause. Domestic violence comes close to our hearts because Bunthary was a long term victim of domestic violence all her life. For every bracelet sold, Thary Collection will donate a Thary's Care Package to women and children who are currently living in a shelter due to being a victim of domestic violence.  

Thary Collection - In Loving Memory of Bunthary L. Sok | May 10, 1974 - July 1, 2015

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